Custom Spa Packages are available upon request.
  • Silhouette Detox - 60 min.
    Deep detoxifying herbal wrap. This mighty recital works specifically on cleansing out toxins and “free radicals”, improving the circulation. It uncovers healthy rosy fresh skin
  • Aroma-Luxe Massage - 30 & 60 min.
    $35 & $65
    Full body aroma therapy massage. This synergy of giver, receiver and the finest and purest plant essential oils contribute to a customized, very personal massage encounter.
  • Jambes Toniques - 45 min.
    Anti-fatique leg treatment. This ultra refreshing and dynamic rendez-vous is the perfect remedy for legs that feel heavy, tired and achy.
  • Beaute Des Mains - 30 min.
    Silky hand algo-essence treatment. This customized renaissance session is designed for the beauty of hands, nails and elbows, each zone will be enrolled in rebirthing program of Healing+Restoring+Revitalizing+Safeguarding.